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USPS Priority Mail Upgrade (DOMESTIC/USA)

Image of USPS Priority Mail Upgrade (DOMESTIC/USA)

This listing is to upgrade your order to USPS Priority Mail. This is for domestic orders ONLY: U.S./U.S. territories. Please do not purchase this listing if you live outside of the United States.

USPS Priority mail takes APPROXIMATELY 2-4 business days; however, I still cannot guarantee how long the packages will take to arrive. USPS does not guarantee priority mail delivery times. If you want guaranteed delivery times, you must pay for Express Mail which is extremely expensive. Express mail orders must be pre-paid for prior to ordering.

Processing time may still be 1-2 business days (NOT including weekends/holidays). Purchasing this upgrade bumps you to the top of my shipping list; however, this listing does NOT guarantee that I will ship the very next business day.

The listing itself is for 1 cent; however, total price of shipping to the U.S. via USPS Priority Mail will be $6.50 at checkout. I had to do the listing this way to avoid discount codes being used for shipping costs. Thank you!